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If you are interested in flipping houses, show off your work with a “House Flipper” membership. It may be improvements of your own home, or an actual completed house flip project. Interested cash investors and house wholesalers will be able to see what you have done. They will also be able to communicate with you within to discuss your future projects. You do not need to completely cash in your 401k or IRA or other savings. You may be able to invest 10-20% of the money required and a cash investor may put up the remainder… while a house wholesaler may be able to find you properties. So show off what you have done with “before” and “after” photos, then look ahead and move forward on other projects.

Expanding your network can only improve the probability of your success in real estate investing. ┬áThis website is another avenue to show off what you’ve done so far and express your capabilities, goals and needs.

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